Rent a bicycle

Rent a bicycle

Hey, are you decided to ride by your own? Choose your bicycle!

Rumor has it that it is difficult to get a bike rental in Cuba. And there is some truth about it. However, in our bike shop at Ruta Bikes you can find a variety several types of bicycles for you, your family and friends. With a practically flat terrain and impressive urban and rural landscapes, Cuba is an island that deserves to be fully enjoyed. So why not to choose the easiest way? Riding a bike offers you a unique opportunity to get to know Cuba really close. Simply choose one of the following bike rental options:

What can you get and how much for

  Bicycle Special Bike Electric Bike Cubyke Tandem
  • City and touring.
  • Good performance.
  • Gears equipped.
  • Touring, road and mountain.
  • Best performance.
  • High Tech equipped.
  • Almost new.
  • City and its outskirts.
  • Best performance.
  • High tech equipped.
  • Pedal-assisted engine.
  • +17 years old.
  • City.
  • Creative hand-made design.
  • Funny experience.
  • City and touring.
  • Double fun per one price.
  • Funny experience.
  • Friends and couples.
  bike_rental-one_of_many_bikes-mtb-cube bike_rental-e_bike bike_rental-the_cubyke-made_in_germany bike_rental-tandem_bicycle
2h $7 CUC $12 CUC $15 CUC $5 CUC $11 CUC
4h $10 $15 $20 $9 $22
8h $13 $18 $30 $12 $28
24h $15 $20 $40 $16 $28
48h $30 $40 ¯ ¯ $55
+Day $8 $10 ¯ ¯ $15
Week $68 $85 ¯ ¯ $130


What we provide

When you hire a bike, along with it we provide you a set of accessories to complement your needs while you use the bike. Some accessories already are included in the price and if you rent for over one day you will get repair implements. However, using our side bags require a payment.

Helmet is always included, but optional.

Lock is always included, but optional.

Patch kit and pump are provided for multi-day rental.

Spare tube is provided for multi-day rental.

Pair of rear side bag are available for $4 CUC/rental day.

bike_rental-supply-helmet-always_included bike_rental-supply-lock-always_included bike_rental-supply-patch_kit_and_air_pump-multi_day_rental bike_rental-supply-spare_tube-multi_day_rental bike_rental-supply-sidebag-payment-included


For security purposes, the client is required to supply Ruta Bikes with their passport or, alternatively, a deposit of $100 CUC/bike (only passport for e-bike). In addition to a contract (provided in our bike shop), the passport/deposit serves to ensure that the client handles the rented equipment responsibly.

Good to know

  • The client is required to supply Ruta Bikes with the payment of this service upon rental of the bicycle and related equipment. Please, bring enough cash, never payment cards.
  • You can make the deposit in foreign currencies (USD and EUR) or in CUC.
  • If a technical malfunction occurs, the client has the right to seek assistance and/or demand replacement equipment.
  • Medical insurance is not included in the rental cost. In the event of an accident, the client assumes full financial responsibility.
  • A lock is provided, but Cuban robbers are better. Please, keep your bike close and safe.
  • You will go by your own, we strongly recommend download MAPS.ME, world offline maps. Ensure to download the map of Cuba as well in order to have full access of the map of Havana when offline.


Meeting Point

Our agencyis located at the side of a parish church unfinished at 152, 16th Street on the corner to 13th Street,Vedado neighborhood. Tours meet outside in the Vuelo Lam park in front of our shop. Your tour guide will wait for you.