Bike Rental

Specialist on bike rental in Havana since 2013. See our various models. Suitable for cycling tour holidays or just city cycling. Plan your mobility with us.

What you get:

Together with the bike, we provide a helmet, tools kit, tips, and orientations for the travel. In the case of cycling holidays, consider bringing your repair kit and spare parts. You can also request online and face-to-face assistance with one of our specialists.

What we request:

A Passport or driver’s license ID is required for the bike rental. Besides, 100 Euros/USD of caution must be deposited either online or in cash. This amount is separated from the rental cost, in case of damages to the bike and emergency costs, derived from the client’s wrong handling. Being the bike returned in good condition, the deposit will be fully reimbursed. The caution deposit does not cover the price of the bike in case of theft.