Tungasuk Farm

Meet Anabel, Alfredo, and the organic farm Tungasuk. From the farm to the table, and incredible stories in between

couple of farmers

Price: $50

“Tungasuk is an organic farm in the pursuit of a more sustainable way of living” So describe it Anabel from Nicaragua and Alfredo from Peru, founders and architects of everything that grows there. Of course, they don’t do all by themselves. They have the help not only from relatives and employees but also from volunteers eager to get to know the farm. Some years ago, this multicultural couple decided to leave France, where they resided. Thus, Tungasuk was born as a project of life in Cuba. This will be a culinary journey, where the bike is simply the way. “From the farm to the table” This is the principle of Tungasuk’s menus. You will undoubtedly learn about sustainable agriculture. Also, you will taste the results: A delicious menu prepared with an authentic touch. Take this excursion for a unique experience!