Perfect to start off your trip, discover Havana´s highlights and beauty in hidden spots and alleys in one tour

Havana cycling classic

Price: $30

Our Havana bike classic tour is ideal to initiate your holidays in Cuba. Get an overview of Havana city and essential orientation in only half a day. Experience all you´ve heard about Cuba and much more that’s not written in any travel book. Enjoy this comfortable cycling tour in Havana city, from its modern districts to the old town.
  • Main highlights in 4 hours.
  • Experienced local guide
  • Essential information about culture, society, and history, plus orientation tips and tricks for the rest of your stay.
  • Family-friendly tour
  • Good occasion to share with other adventurers and enrich your experience (groups smaller than 12)

Why a Classic tour?

Havana Bike Classic is the original tour of RutaBikes. It was designed for travelers who want to make the most of their time in Havana. It´s a good recommendation for those who stay in the capital for few days. Also for visitors who travel under tight schedules. We challenged ourselves to think of the ideal introductory route. As a result, we created this scenic, comprehensive, and relaxed cycling tour in one of the seven Wonder Cities. This tour is designed at a medium pace, with stops to take pictures, observe, ask questions, and take a rest. Therefore, the Havana Bike Classic works very well for different kind of clients. That is to say, families, group of friends, students and else. The experienced local guide will provide clear explanations, anecdotes, and genuine stories. All together will allow you to first, understand Havana´s chronological development, and second gain an insight into our culture & society. In addition, the guide will include tips and tricks, useful for the rest of your holidays in Cuba.

An all around tour in Havana

The Havana Bike Classic visits several of the Havana´s Highlights. For instance, the Great Metropolitan Park, a relevant forest in the city – the Colon Cemetery, the biggest in Latin America – The Revolution Square – The Old Square – San Francisco de Asís Square and others. But above all, we´ll be glad to show you those off the beaten path places in Havana. Sites such as Jesus Maria neighborhood, the markets Egido and Cuatro Caminos Cycling in the Old Havana certainly is the icing on the cake! Be ready for busy-noisy-lively streets. We make a 20-minutes coffee break at the Old Square. After that, the ancient colonial fortresses are the next destination. On one side, the Castillo de la Fuerza. In the distance, in the other shore of the bay, El Morro and La Cabaña.

A fresh conclusion.

Right after we take the way back along the iconic sea promenade, the Malecón of Havana. Last but not least, you will enjoy a delicious and refreshing fruit-vegetable juice in our favorite place, La Juguera, a small walk-up bar with a menu of 90 combinations.

Take this tour:

To hit the main attractions of the city and gain an in-depth understanding of our culture and society in a short time
Havana’s highlights:
  • Vedado
  • El Bosque
  • Cemetery of Columbus
  • Revolution Square
  • Plaza Vieja
  • Plaza San Francisco de Asís
  • Colonial Castles
  • Malecón
  • Towards the end of our Classic City tour, the sun is getting strong. It is recommended to bring light clothing, long sleeves, use sunscreen, sun glasses and a hat (instead of a helmet, if you prefer it)
  • There will be a few short hills. Try them. Too hard? Don’t worry, you can walk. The guide will wait.
  • Large bags can be stored in our bikeshop during the tour.
  • Please don’t take pictures while driving. Wait for the stops. Don’t risk your health and holidays.
  • This tour is leaded in English or Spanish by our local guides.
  • Water will be provided, and you may choose to purchase additional drinks if you like.
  • At the Plaza Vieja square, in the historical center, we have 20 minutes for a drink  (not included in the price of the tour).
  • In Cuba there is no way for private local businesses like us to provide insurance of any kind. Tourists have the obligation to buy a medical insurance for their stay. This insurance will cover sudden illness and accident.