Havana BiKe Sunset

Get your first impressions of Havana city and feel its sparkling life under the magic light of the sunset

stop at old square old havana

Price: $30

Do you want to do some fun outdoor activity and avoid the midday heat in a captivating city? Then hop on a bike and enjoy each moment of Havana Bike Sunset tour. Be ready to glimpse into Habaneros’ daily life. Tick some top attractions located in the main areas of the capital. For a city tour early in the morning, choose our Havana Bike Classic tour.
  • Sightseeing & Hidden spots in 3,5 hours
  • National & local culture, street art
  • Popular stories and personalities of the time
  • Experienced local guide
  • Family-friendly tour
  • Opportunity to share with other visitors (groups smaller than 12)


Why a Sunset Tour?

The Havana Bike Sunset makes you discover details of our culture, history, and Personalities related to specific places in the city. This is also the tour of the active Havana. In the afternoon, the “habaneros” return home from work or school. The streets get crowdy, and it’s a chance to witness the local dynamics of the neighborhoods at its busiest time. It is an old habit for Havana residents, to walk on the streets, instead of on the sidewalks. Even the kids play the ball, making pauses when cars approach. We’ll be cycling inside this “social soup”. But don’t worry, just be careful, patient, and flow inside it.

The city, a storyteller

Havana Bike sunset is a tour that we especially enjoy to guide. Our tour stops at places with interesting old stories. One of them is Casa de la Amistad, a beautiful mansion that witnessed a passionate and tragic relationship. Back in the time, the story headed the newspapers. Today, concerts and cultural events take place there. John Lennon´s Park is also on the way. You will be amazed, not particularly with the statue of the “dreamer”, but with the contradictory story behind the piece of art. San Isidro is a neighborhood in Old Havana setting trends about street art. We will admire some of its colorful graffiti. Meanwhile, you will hear about the lights and shadows of the neighborhood. From famous popular musicians formed in its humble streets, to dark stories of a character named Alberto Yarini.

Sunset at Malecón

Besides that, the Havana Bike Sunset tour visits a big Crafts Fair, the Capitol of Havana, a floating quay by the bay, and finally la Casa de los cocos, where we take a pause to drink fresh coconut water. Cycling Havana at twilight is a different perspective. Thanks to the bike, you will be an active spectator during the rush hour. Don’t forget to take pictures during the pauses, especially at Malecón. At this hour, the light will be perfect.

Take this tour:

Discover Havana´s Highlights and fascinating stories behind some spots; experience the sparkling city life at its busiest time and admire the beautiful sunset at the iconic Malecón, the long concrete sofa by the see.
  • RutaBikes
  • John Lennon´s Park
  • Casa de la Amistad
  • Revolution Square
  • San Isidro neighborhood (graffiti)
  • San José craft Market and Floating quay
  • Plaza de Armas – Ambos Mundos Hotel
  • Capitol of Havana
  • Paseo del Prado
  • San Salvador de La Punta Fort
  • Malecón seawall
  • During the Havana Bike Sunset tour, the sun is still strong during the first two hours. It is highly recommended to use a high protection sun-screen, sunglasses, light clothing (and long sleeves if possible) and a hat (in case you don’t use a helmet). We do not recommend to use flip flops.
  • There will be a few hills. Try them. Too hard? Don’t worry, you can walk. The guide will wait.
  • A 0.5 L water bottle will be provided, and there will be the possibility to buy more liquids along the way. We recommend to drink water regularly
  • Travel light. Feel free to leave your personal belongings at our office. We will take care of them.
  • Along our route, and especially at the end of this tour, the sunlight is perfect to take great pictures.
  • Please don’t take pictures while riding, wait for the stops. Don’t put your health and holidays at risk.
  • This tour can be done in both English and Spanish.
  • In Cuba there is no way for private local businesses like us to provide insurance of any kind. Tourists have the obligation to buy a medical insurance for their stay. This insurance will cover sudden illness and accident.