Scan the daily life of Cubans and learn about /connect with their culture and traditions in the heart & soul of Havana: Centro Havana

Zentrum Che Guevara

Price: $30

At the epicenter of Havana

Centro Habana is synonymous of life, culture, traditions, music and religion. Along with Vedado and Old Havana municipalities, it forms the traditional City Center. Centro Habana is multi-ethnic, highly populated, multicultural and very present in the Cuban history. It is the part of the city that undoubtedly describe us the better. The Zentrum tour provides an up-close experience to the essence of natives’ daily life at the heart and soul of Havana. As a result, curious visitors will gain a brilliant insight into today’s Cuba. Prepare your 5 senses for a genuine and seasoned cycling tour!

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  • Sights & key spots
  • Relevant communities
  • Cuban lifestyle, modern life and identity
  • Religion, traditions & folk customs
  • Experienced local guide
  • Family-friendly tour