Havana Bay Tour

Escape from the bustle and bustle of Havana to discover new places at the other side of the Bay.

couple seeing havana by bicycle

Price: $40

The Havana Bay tour is a unique chance to discover the small authentic towns around the Bay of Havana. During the tour, you will experience spectacular views of the city and the suburban areas. As a result, your vision about this city will be more complete. This bike tour will be certainly a fun addition to your vacations in Cuba! This is the most challenging of our bike city tours, with over 40 km and the presence of hills. Therefore, it is meant to be for people who are used to cycle regularly. To get to know the center, choose the Havana Bike Classic, Havana Bike Sunset or Zentrum.

The Ferry, the fortress and a marble Christ

A leisurely ride will take us from Vedado to the Bay of Havana. Once there, we get aboard a ferry to cross the bay. The small seafaring settlement of Casablanca is our first destination. Just arriving, you will notice the quiet local atmosphere. A steep hill awaits us to get to the iconic statue of the Christ of Havana. But don´t worry, we normally walk up it. Up there, a beautiful view of the skyline of Havana and the bay emerges. So take your camera and capture the moment. After that, we cycle the area of the Fortresses El Morro and San Carlos de La Cabaña. This last one is the biggest military fortress built by the Spanish crown in America. Finally, we leave Casablanca heading to the next destination.

From Indian reservation, to Afrocuban religion cradle

Bordering the bay on a rural road we pass old industries and hovels. The next locality, Bahia, reveals the influence of the Soviet architecture. Some minutes later we get to the village of Guanabacoa. This town used to be an Indian reservation back in the time. Today it is a National Monument, and the cradle of Santeria religion. For this reason, it attracts many travelers. Here we will take a break and eat a light lunch. The Havana Bay tour continues to Regla, an old and picturesque town. Regla is very close to the city, however with a strong identity of its own.

An astonishing view before the return.

We visit a second viewpoint at the hill, Colina Lenin. From there you’ll have the most illustrative view of Havana and its dimension. It is possible to see the suburbs that have grown inland. Our last stop is the Catholic Church Nuestra Señora de la Virgen de Regla, “the Black Madonna”. This is the saint who protects the bay, the dock, and the bayside villages. Finally, we will take the ferry back to Old Havana. The tour finishes with a pleasant ride along the seafront boulevard, the Malecón.

Take this tour:

If you are curious about the other side of the Bay. To learn about local culture and religion. To complement your visit to Havana center.
  • Vedado
  • Habana Vieja
  • Ferry Casa Blanca
  • Havana’s Christ
  • San Carlos de La Cabaña Castle
  • Casa Blanca
  • Bahía (small town)
  • Guanabacoa
  • Regla
  • Ferry Habana Vieja
  • Vedado
  • The Bay Tour is the longest and the most challenging of our three regular tours. With over 40 km and the constant presence of hills is meant to be for people who cycle on a regular basis and are in a good physical condition.
  • This tour is quite long, please keep in mind the impact of the sun during the ride. It is highly recommended to use a high protection sun-screen, sunglasses, light clothing (but long sleeves if possible) and a hat (in case you don’t use a helmet). We do not recommend to use flip flops.
  • A 1.5 L water bottle will be provided, and there will be the possibility to buy more liquids along the way. We recommend to drink water regularly.
  • We advise you to eat a good breakfast and bring some light food with you, candy bars or energetic food for instance. Keep in mind that the Cuban weather could be extremely warm and humid.
  • Travel light. Feel free to leave your personal belongings at our office. We’ll take care of them.
  • Along our route you’ll find amazing panoramic landscapes of the city as well as the evidence of the most modest style of life of the Cuban people, perfect to take great pictures.
  • This tour is leaded in English or Spanish by our team of local guides.
  • In Cuba there is no way for private local businesses like us to provide insurance of any kind. Tourists have the obligation to buy a medical insurance for their stay. This insurance will cover sudden illness and accident.